Black Canvas Bag w/ Red Handle 13''

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This Canvas Bags are more gleamy and offers higher quality compared to raw material tote bags. Ideal to use it for long period of time. Perfect for your stylish promotional needs. Black canvas bags are convenient for applying embroidery, digital printing or your other design wishes. Minimum 10 orders. 


Black Canvas Tote Bag w/ Red Handle
13*15'' (35x40cm)


 Product Details:

• 100% Cotton

• Standard Handle Length 23'' (60cm)-Sewn from its own material after dying process

• 12 oz (320 gr) canvas fabric is used in making this product


• Canvas Bag size 13*15'' (35 x 40 cm) ( +- 0,5)

• Red Handle Length 23''(60 cm)

• Handle Height 12''(33 cm)

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• Best Price warranty

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 General Explanations:

Please contact us for customised sizes and/or over 500 orders.

Black canvas is water-repellent, thick, durable and air permeable featured fabric. Thanks to its thick look and dense weaving, the fabric is mostly preferred at image-based works and durability required bags. Although the bag is suitable for multi-color printing, less color applications result in higher print quality. Wash with warm water and iron at medium heat.

Painted black canvas are resistant to weather stain and shrinking after washing, as they have already been painted.

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