Black Gabardine Backpack - 40x50 cm (Large Size)

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With the shirred backpack made of Gabardine fabric, you can easily carry your sports clothes, shoes and many daily necessities. Backpacks, which are indispensable for students, athletes and travel lovers, will provide great convenience. For detailed information, please contact us. At least 10 units can be ordered.

Black Gabardine Drawstring Backpack
15*19'' (40x50cm)

product details:
100% Cotton
drawstring backpack
220 gr/m gabardine fabric
The dimensions of the Cloth Bag are 15*19'' (40 x 50 cm) ( +- 0.5)
The rope is made of 100% cotton and you can adjust the length as you like.
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General Description

Please contact us for your custom size and/or orders over 3000 pcs.

Bag dimensions 15*19'' (40 x 50 cm) ( + - 0.5)

It is a kind of fabric with water-repellent, thick, durable, air-permeable properties. Due to its full posture and frequent weaving, it is especially preferred in image-oriented work and in bags where durability should be high. Although multi-color is suitable for printing, the quality of printing increases as the number of colors decreases. It can be washed in warm water and ironed on mild heat. whether there are 20 or 20,000 pieces of cloth bags here!!

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