Interlining Bag - 'Baumun'

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Interlining bags are produced for every promotional purpose. You can order interlining bags in any size, with a minimum of 1000 pieces. Depending on the print image, silk screen or offset printing is applied on the interlining bag. You can order interlining bags by sending your logo/design to info@pamusan.com. 

Interlining Bag - 'Baumun'

Product Details:

Material: Interlining

Size: 35x45x10x10 cm

Handle: Width 2.5 cm (double layer); Length 30 cm

Bellows: 10 cm bottom and 10 cm side bellows

Usage area: Promotional, Fair, Event


Our company, which produces specially printed and specially sized buckram bags for your needs, produces environmentally friendly and recyclable bags. It serves you with its high production capacity and expert staff. Our company produces more than 15 million bags production is realized in a number of countries.

Interlining Bag:

We produce interlining bags in the size and printing pattern you want. You can create brand and environmental awareness with these bags made of recyclable fabrics. These bags, which are frequently used as fair bags and promotional bags, are also used as shopping bags or event bags.

You can contact us through info@pamusan.com or +90 212 643 21 00 for any requests or questions.

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