Printed Pouches

Printed pouch

Printed pouch are products that people can keep for life and use for shopping. In addition to being a good source of advertising, it is another feature that they are extremely useful. It will serve as a lifetime commemorative for guests, especially when used in invitations. When preparing a background to take photos, tote pouches can attract attention with their different images.Another advantage is that it is prepared in accordance with the desired design. The person has the chance to create the pouch of his dreams. Also available in different sizes, one can choose the size that works best. In addition, black and white, if desired, color printing can be done if desired. Vivid prints can also be made on different colors. All of our landing page products for printed tote pouch are completely can designed according to the personal taste of the person.
Cotton Pouch

Printed Pouch

Custom Size Printed Pouch

Unnecessary damage to nature will be minimized thanks to our products that are eco-friendly and 100% cotton. By using these products, which they buy as personal gifts, in shopping, they can avoid wasting bags. It is a product that is produced from 100% cotton tote pouches and can be used wherever and whenever needed. It is created by touching in ecru colors with 41-42 wire density. Tote pouches have become the favorite of all organizations under today's conditions. It is also among the products preferred by the advertisement sectors in terms of sustainability. In addition, it is designed in the desired size;
  • 10x13cm Pouch
  • 30x40cm Pouch
  • 20x30cm Pouch
  • 40x50cm Pouch
  • 25,5x35cm

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Pouch Benefits

The use of cloth pouches is always supported by the "World Health Organization". Proceeding with this awareness in companies, it offers all its customers tote pouches as much as they need. Here, various prints can be printed on them with the help of organic textile dyes such as plant roots. Tote pouches are generally preferred institutionally or personally.
Cotton Pouch Bag

Usage Are Of Pouches

pouches can be used on behalf of all of their products such as books, cups, shoes, magazines and other promotions. Tote pouches are preferred for institutions that have a place in big fairs in order to prevent competition with other companies. Because bags and pouches made of paper or other materials are not valued and thrown into a corner, while tote pouches and bags are always used.
  • Gift for Customers
  • Henna Nights
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Newborn babies
  • Storage Bags for Jewelry
  • Storage Bags for Dry Legumes
Dry lavender is placed in them and distributed to people as a gift. Tote pouches are among the souvenirs of the organization, which are always preferred, remain both as a souvenir, and show friendship to nature.
Product Pouch

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