Printed Tote Bags

Printed tote bags produced in different types and produced for individuals are extremely useful in daily life. Our custom-made printed tote bags are produced in the types that people want, with the logos they want. This innovation, which we created to protect nature, do often end people's payment of money to buy plastic bags. Bags are especially suitable for markets. Cloth bags are ideal for convenience store transportation and to get rid of plastic bags that hurt hands. In addition to all these, it is a fact that plastic bags used and thrown on the street pollute the nature and shorten the life of the world by causing tree cutting. Thanks to this use, our nature comes alive and a better heritage is left to future generations.
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Custom-made printed tote bags

Custom-made printed tote bags are also an advertising source for companies. When people use these bags with company logos, they advertise to the environment in some way. This type of street advertisement increases the awareness of brands and builds trust in people. Creating awareness that it is reliable if other people use it is provided by the use of such products. It is a fact that many companies that are known and have grown in a short time use such advertisements.Custom-made printed tote bags can be ordered as a minimum of 10 menstruation and a maximum of 1000 menstruation on our website. The bags, which will find many buyers in a short time thanks to its easy use, will bring great profit to the firms. It is possible to order easily through our site. Those who have a question mark in mind and want to get information about the details can contact our customer representatives. Our customer representatives will be in touch within a short time during working hours. Those who want can leave their contact number, our company will call as soon as possible. 

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Printing Methods

Giving detailed information about the printing methods of the products sold in our company can be a more comfortable option for companies. They will both have the chance to have the products they want comfortably, and thanks to the detailed information, they will ensure the design of the bags as they wish.

  • Transfer printing: Only raw color printing is made on the fabric. The minimum order that can be placed for this printing method is 10, and the maximum is 1000. It is not suitable for companies that will print logo designs. It is more suitable for exposition use.
  • Digital printing: It is applied in colored fabrics. The minimum number of orders is 10, and the maximum is 1000. It is suitable for logo design, it is recommended for children's issues and book fairs.
  • Flex printing: It is determined according to the visual, it can be printed on colored fabric. If requested, 10 orders, 1000 orders can be ordered. It is suitable for those who wants a quality printing option. It is an advanced option.
  • Emprime printing - silk screen printing: It is the recommended printing for logos up to 4 different colors. It is the most advanced and quality one among the printing options. Professional service is provided, it is the type of pressure that people who expect a really good job should prefer. The minimum order requirement is 1000 pieces for this type of printing. It is mostly preferred by big companies for advertising and fair. The prints are of high quality, there is no deterioration on the fabric. 
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Our Printed Products

We have many printed product options that we have developed to date. Our printed tote bag types are very many and vary according to the person's desire. Those who want to carry more should have a different option. Those who want to advertise should take advantage of different options. Our gift options are designed entirely according to the desire of the company. Our product options are raw tote bag, canvas bag with zipper, lined bag, travel bag, saddle bag, messenger bag, inner pocket bag, backpack, shopping bag, birthday pouch, market bag, beach bag. We also have options such as printed t-shirts and notebooks. It is produced in the desired color with the desired design. Our price options are very convenient and discounts are made at certain intervals. People can buy the bag model they want in the usage they want. We have different size options;
  • Shopping and Grocery Bags
  • Non-Woven Bags
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Pouches
  • Clutch and Hand Bags
Our bags can be preferred for personal use, if desired, for company use. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. Bags are a good source of advertising for companies, at the same time, placing the purchased products in printed tote bags increases the shopping potential of people. Because ease of use will also be provided. You can buy products of a different quality from our website www.pamusan.com, and make your shopping easy and fun.
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