Custom Tote Bag Manufacturing

Where to buy tote bags? Where are the best quality tote bags? And What are the prices of cloth bags? Welcome to İşte Çanta, A Pamusan company, where you can find the answers to the questions you ask. Tote Bag manufacturing, fast production track with or without printing. The bags are produced with printing, screen printing, transfer printing, and digital printing types, for your orders and questions call to us with number  +90 212 643 21 00 or info@pamusan.com Cotton Tote Bag. Our company, which produces tote bags with the sizes and colors you want. We manufacture unique tote bags with our factory as a monthly capacity of 500 thousand units—printed and unprinted production under European standards. You can order either 10,000 or 100,000. After the sample of the tote bag model you want is prepared, and waiting to submit for your approval. After the approval process, your products are ready for shipment on the specified deadline. You can contact our sales representatives for detailed information.
Tote Bag Manufacturing

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Tote Bag Manufacture

Our company, which produces tote bags, can produce more than 100 model bags in 5 different fabric types. Our company, which provides services to many domestic and international corporate companies, gives importance to quality control and certification studies in the manufacturing processes. You can visit us to reach our company, which provides quality manufacturing and product delivery on time, and to get detailed information about the products. You can contact by phone immediately. 
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Promotional Bag Manufacturing

The indispensable of a company is promotions. Previously to promote your institution in fairs, special openings and promotional events; different small promotional items such as agendas, pens and notepad keychains were distributed. Now, after the ban on plastic bags, companies and promoters, both for social responsibility and necessity, turned to more natural, 100% organic cotton logo or promotional printed cloth bags. Standard raw fabric tote bag is the most economical and preferred Promotional bag product. Tote bag model with 35x40 cm dimensions - 60 cm handle length is suitable for screen printing, transfer printing and digital printing processes. Why is it important to use bags as a promotion;
  • Tote Bag are relevant cost 
  • High demand for the tote bag
  • The number of bag users 
  • Providing free promotion 
  • Increasing the number of potential customers 
  • Product or business promotion
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Custom Manufacturing Clutch Bags

We offer you many models and various product options with our clutch bags and zippered models. We can produce products with zippers and handles in desired sizes. We resolve your demands quickly, such as 10,000 or 100,000. We produce bags in custom size and desired patterns. As fabric types, we manufacture from raw cotton, gabardine, canvas, nonwoven and imperteks fabrics. You can examine our bag types and samples by taking a short tour on our site
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Tote Bag Manufacturing

Custom Made Pouches

Cloth pouches are highly preferred in the packaging area and gift area. Our company, which produces 100% cotton cloth pouches, is provided with or without printing according to your needs. Production is making in any number with various customizations. You can contact our customer representatives for your bag and pouch needs and even visit our head office. You can review our different cloth pouch models that we made for many companies and make your order according to your needs. In our productions, dyes, and fabrics complying with European standards. The central countries in which we are exporting to England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Israel, the United States, and France. Our bags and other products have been tested and inspected by many companies. We are happy to see you among our satisfied customers.

Custom Made Interlining Nonwoven Bags

Nonwoven bags are widely used primarily in areas such as fairs, markets, and shops. It is among the products preferred by companies due to its economic and recyclability. Although we manufacture in different sizes and different patterns, it is also in special cloth bag sizes for you. We can apply to the company logo or any visual bags you want. These bags, we can produce in 100,000 and 500,000 units, can be contacted by our sales representatives about the deadlines and prices.
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Tote Bag Manufacturing

Custom Made Polyester Drawstring Bags

Mostly 270 denier polyester fabrics are preferred from polyester shirring backpack production. These bags, which you can choose according to your needs with their waterproof and long-lasting structure, are manufactured in the size and color you want. The bags produced using fabric and paint in accordance with European standards are especially produced as a back frame. It can be manufactured in desired size and model according to your preference.
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