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Greige Cloth Pouches

Great deals for greige cloth pouches are at pamusan.com! You can check this category for string pouch models made of 100% cotton. We also customize pouches of varied sizes and accept orders of 10 or more. We can print on your designs or photos on the cloth pouch of your preference. Cloth pouches are made of pure cotton plus they and their drawstrings are high quality. These one-of-a-kind products are put up for sale on pamusan.com for online shopping from manufacturer. All goods are kept in stock in high quantities. Printing is done in one day.

Cloth Pouches

Cloth pouches are multifunctional goods that are used in diverse areas. They differ regarding their function. Cloth pouches vary in size and colors. The cloth pouches that contain different herbs, bridal or engagement candies, and golds are in high demand.

Cloth pouches are found in two categories: greige cloth pouches and colored string pouches. Cloth pouches are available in sizes of 10x13cm, 20x30cm, 25.5x35cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm. It is no longer a dream to have your own designs printed on cloth pouches. Customize your own designs and let us take care of printing! Nowadays businesses are going for using customized symbols and logos on cloth pouches.

String Pouches

String pouches can be found in our traditional culture. They can be used for collecting gold on behalf of bride on henna nights, weddings, and engagement parties, or as a gift-wrap for the gifts of guests, or as perfumes in closets with their pleasant odor. What they are made of is highly important for cloth pouches that are especially favored by women. They need to be durable and be able to last long. Large size string pouches can be used to store legumes. Being made of pure materials cause the cloth pouches, which are also seen frequently preferred for baby showers, to have a pleasant odor. Cotton made cloth pouches are always fancied more.

Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets that resemble string pouches are frequently preferred by mothers. The inside of the sachets is filled with lavender, they are put into the closets in order to prevent the clothes that are going to stay in the closet for months from smelling foul and they give a nice lavender scent outside. This way, the clothes inside the closets are still able to smell good. It is possible to fill the sachets with different herbs. The sachets can be filled with herbs with good odor or dried flowers. When they are bought wholesale, they can be purchased with a great deal.

Linen Pouches

Linen pouches may have different patterns in terms of appearance. They are frequently used as kitchen and bathroom decorations. Linen pouches with motifs such as anchor, ship, dolphin, baby, baby bottle, fork, spoon, teapot, pot, flower, and ring are used as decorations in numerous areas. It is possible to store and carry garden materials like soil and seeds in linen bags. Linen pouches are considered more durable and to have a higher quality than cotton made pouches; therefore, linen pouches can be filled with heavy products. Especially the linen pouches that are used as a decoration in new generation coffee shops, fascinate the others. The linen pouches that can create a nostalgic atmosphere with a lovely set-up, are also preferred by business firms.

Customized String Pouches

String pouches are also available with customization. There are many visuals used in customized pouches. The visuals are about henna nights, weddings, and engagement parties. The visuals from your own preference can be printed on these cloth pouches too. The strings vary between purple, blue, pink, black, green, yellow, turquoise, and red. The colors options for cloth pouches are black, red, or beige.

It is also possible to customize cloth pouches with your own designs. The pouches are delivered to your home and they have fair prices. It is now possible to decorate your home, store, or organization with both stylish and meaningful cloth pouches with just one click. Through string pouches, you can spice your life and create new decorations!




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