Travel Bag -Compartment (Clean - Dirty)

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It is designed as a travel laundry bag that you can keep dirty and clean separately during your travels. It is divided into dirty - clean with 2 compartments and double direction zipper. You can use it as a zippered travel laundry bag made of gabardine fabric measuring 40x25cm.


Travel Bag 2-Compartment (Clean - Dirty)


Product Details:

100% Cotton

It is divided into two in the middle with a reinforced seam.

2-Compartment Black thin zipper - Double Sided

220gr gabardine fabric is used in making this product



Travel bag size 40x25cm (+ - 0,5 cm)

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Travel - Laundry Bag

With this bag where you can put your laundry and socks, you can distinguish between clean and dirty. It is also an ideal bag to keep your small items together. If you want, you can also order in printed form. You can use it to organize your luggage during your travels. It will allow you to arrange your belongings in your bag in an orderly manner. This product, which users are very satisfied with, is produced from 100% cotton. It does not contain substances harmful to human health. It is very suitable for storing your clothes. pamusan.com is the right address to buy travel bags.


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