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Jute pouches and sachets are on pamusan.com. Jute pouch models, Jute pouch features and brands with best prices are on pamusan.com.

For jute lavender sachet models and prices, visit our website or contact our sales representative on +90 212 643 21 00.

JUTE lavender sachet models and prices

Jute pouches are on pamusan.com. Our products that are made of high-quality jute fabric, are available in our stock with 5 different size options. Heat paper transfer and screen printing can be made on these products, which you can order as much as you want. For getting information about multifunctioning jute pouch models and prices, visit our website or contact our customer representative.

Jute Lavender Sachets

Jute pouches used as lavender sachets are available in our stocks with varied size options. Pouches that you can order whether customized or unprinted, are stylish and natural. They can be used in promotions, as gifts, or for packaging. They are also used as bridal and henna night pouches thus in our country, they are preferred by many. With their firm stance and natural decorative appearance, they are used in many areas.

Where to buy jute pouches?

For jute pouches and lavender sachets, visit our store in İstoç. For faster and more practical purchases, view the jute(sack) pouches category on our site pamusan.com. With same day shipping, you can get our products in a short time. You can purchase jute pouches from our store in İstoç. Our firm, which manufactures jute pouches, has more than 100 cloth bags and pouches.


Pamusan.com is the right address for İştoç jute and cloth pouch models. You can view our jute pouch and cloth pouch models from our store in İstoç. You can order from varied sizes according to your needs. The jute pouches that you can use as packing or use for promotions are on pamusan.com.

Jute pouches have thicker and fuller texture than the others. The jute made pouches are the ones we would like to offer to our customers who make quality-based decisions. Heat paper transfer can be made on the jute pouches.

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