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By using tote bags you can show your environmental awareness and prevent our country from being polluted. In many countries, the use of nylon and cardboard bags is prohibited. Promotional bags are both long-lasting and healthy. All Cloth bags are manufactured from 100% cotton fabrics. You can shop on our site using a credit card. You can order 20 pieces or 20.000 pieces. By purchasing wholesale tote bags, you will have done a useful job for yourself and our world. You can send us an e-mail or you can reach us by phone. pamusan.com promotional bag is a company located in Istanbul that realizes production and wholesale. Your e-commerce system uses SSL certificates and is extremely reliable. Your products are sent to your address with invoiced form, free shipping option for your orders of 150TL and above. If you are going to purchase as a company, do not forget to enter your billing information at the stage of the purchase. Since the products are in stock, your orders will be made within 1 business day. Thank you for your trust and interest, we wish you good shopping ... you can check the menu for promotional bags and exhibition bags.


check our custom tote bags >>> Custom Tote Bags


Market AND  Shopping Bag

Custom tote bags It is a candidate to replace nylon bags that have negative properties for human health by using environmentally friendly bags for use in grocery shopping. Printed and unprinted shopping bag models will be used in place of the nylon bags that were banned in 2019. You can also review the information on how to make a cloth bag from our blog post. 

check our cotton shopping bag there >> Cotton Shopping Bag

Tote Bag Manufacturing - Printed and Unprinted

You can contact us for your printed and picture cloth bag works. Our company, with a daily production volume of up to 10,000 pieces, is able to provide you with cloth bag manufacturing services in all sizes and types of fabric. shipping is available anywhere in the world. Please contact with your orders. sure the front cloth bag.


 Promotional bags, hotels, and beach bags. The desired printed and unprinted bags are manufactured. Please contact us with your special orders.

The production capacity of our company, which offers every type of product you are looking for with its printed and unprinted cloth bag category, is quite wide. The company, which has over 60 fabric bag models in stock and works with world-renowned brands as well as over 200 agencies, has the capacity to quickly produce the desired quantity and desired design.

Tel: +90 212 526 78 78


Tote Bags is precisely here that there is a need to raise the awareness of consumption. Innovation is needed in every sector. In this respect, we need to turn to cloth bags instead of nylon bags. Moreover, this situation can become again not only for the consumer but also for the manufacturer. While the protection of the world and environmentalism have gained importance, the cloth bags that are becoming widespread in use are beneficial in terms of nature and human health as they are environmentally friendly, and they also attract attention with their different and interesting designs. With its use, they can both protect nature and be valuable advertising tools. For this reason, its use in both sectors for both health and economic purposes should be supported. Today, the choice is preferred for many companies.

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