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Messenger Bags As one of the essentials when it comes to sporty styles, the messenger bags are among the preferences of people with their stylish appearance and ease of use. Since the products are completely made of cotton fabrics, they are both healthy and can be easily re-used by washing. They are also one of most frequently preferred models due to their resistance to imprinting and their balanced distribution of weight to the body. Messenger Bag Models Canvas messenger bags allow many products to be carried inside them. Messenger bags, which have enough size, help people carry the items they will need daily. Bag models are: Canvas cloth bags Customized canvas bags Black and white canvas bags Repp messenger bags Two different materials are used in the production of these bags. One of these fabrics called repp, the other is called canvas. These fabrics used with their 100% cotton structure provide customers with both quality material and organic products. Saddle Bag Model Saddle bag model is made of canvas fabric. Its simple and stylish design is enabled with a single snap fastener instead of a zipper. This way, it can secure its place in the hands of customers without disturbing its stylish and minimalist stance. The saddle canvas bags are manufactured as 35x30cm, they also have adjustable shoulder straps. You can also shorten it to hang it on one arm or extend it to wear it diagonally. In daily use, it is also quite useful for carrying school items. Messenger Bags There are messenger bags made of customizable fabrics as well. These fabrics are carefully procured to achieve the highest quality result by desired customizations. You can also purchase and customize them with different designs for selling them under your company. Another feature of customizable messenger bag is being often preferred for advertising purposes. You can customize them with the emblem, logo or catch-line of your business and give them to your business partners or distribute them as samples on fairgrounds. Canvas Fabric Difference White and black messenger bags made of canvas fabric, have adjustable straps. With their easily adjustable lengths, they are quite suitable for different body types and usages. Due to the structure of the bag, there is also a cover part that closes on it. The choice of those who like a stylish and simplicity, canvas bags, provide the most efficient service in many areas. It is also suitable for dyeing. In this way, it can be sold or used by getting decorated in desired colors. Bags made of Repp Fabric The white messenger bag made of repp fabric, is used by fastening the touch fasteners. The cover part of the bag is suitable for customization and transfer printings, also gives positive results with dyeing. Apart from the adjustable shoulder strap, they also stand out with being entirely made of cotton fabrics. The size of repp bags is 34x27cm, and their width is 8cm. This allows you to easily carry everyday items, books, and notebooks.

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