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Cloth Pouch Bag

Customized or unprinted cloth pouch bag that can be used as lavender sachet, bridal pouch, henna night pouch, and newborn pouch are on pamusan.com. You can check the prices and pouch models here. Cloth pouches have varied usages, for example they can be used as laundry bag or shoe bag. The wholesale is made here. For varied cloth pouch models and prices, the right address is pamusan.com. Prices starting from 10 pieces, we are the biggest expert manufacturer for customized and unprinted pouches in Turkey. If you would like to 

purchase wholesale cloth pouches, we offer several different payment methods with online shopping. We offer these payment methods; credit card, money order/eft, and cash on delivery. Cloth pouch models are listed under this category.


We manufacture our customized cloth pouches with heat paper transfer method. The customized manufacturing is made for requests of 10 or more goods. Our daily production capacity is 5000 customized pouches. All pouch models are available in stock. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on +90 212 643 21 00.


You can purchase greige cloth bags and cloth bags from our store in İstoç. In this store we also perform heat paper transfer on lavender sachets and bridal pouches.

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