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  1. Ayçiçek Boyanabilir Tişört - Kalemli
    Dyeable T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Sunflower
    In stock
  2. Tişört Boyama Sınıf Set
    Dyeable T-shirt Set
    In stock
  3. Organlar Boyanabilir Tişört - Kalemli
    Dyeable T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Organ Printed
    In stock
  4. Balık Boyanabilir Tişört - Kalemli
    Dyeing T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Fish Printed
    In stock
  5. Araba Boyanabilir Tişört - Kalemli
    Dyeable T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Car Printed
    In stock
  6. Kelebek Boyanabilir Tişört - Kalemli
    Dyeable T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Butterfly Printed
    In stock
  7. Organlar Tişört Boyama
    Dyeing T-shirt - 'Organs'
    In stock
  8. Tişört Boyama - Araba
    Dyeable T-shirt - Car
    In stock
  9. Tişört Boyama - Balık
    Dyeable T-shirt - Fish
    In stock
  10. Tişört Boyama Seti Yıkanabilir- Mini
    T-Shirt Painting Set - Washable (Mini)
    In stock
  11. Tişört Boyama Seti Yıkanabilir
    T-Shirt Painting Set - Washable
    In stock
  12. Tişört Boyama Seti - 2
    T-Shirt Painting Set - 2
    In stock
  13. Tişört Boyama Seti
    T-Shirt Painting Set
    In stock

13 Items

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Paintable Bag and Accessories         

Paintable bags and accessories are attracted attention with their usefulness and practicality. The use of these models, which we frequently encounter almost everywhere, has increased considerably recently. Would you like to design a bag model that you can use easily? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.


Painting and designing tote bags is both an enjoyable and unique endeavor. Paintable t-shirts and accessories are among the basic needs of every individual. Products with different designs are arranged according to the styles of the people. Paintable products also offer excellent opportunities to companies.


Paint Your T-shirt        


Although T-shirt painting is mostly seen as an activity for children, it is a fun activity for adults. With fabric paints, watercolors and instants; You can draw any design you want on the t-shirts. You can make your activities fun with finger paints. We have two different markers, washable and permanent. Our products, which are produced for children's use, do not contain carcinogenic substances.


You can supply dyeable t-shirts with Pamusan. Thus, you can have both a fun and enjoyable time. You can also choose our affordable options with Pamusan's affordable prices.


T-shirt Painting Designs Fabric Painting     


 The most significant point when painting fabric is the property of the fabric to be dyed. It will be challenging to dye fabrics with patterns. In addition, the fact that your fabric is satin and silk will cause the dye not to hold. When choosing cotton fabrics instead of fabrics, such as taffeta, the paint will fade.


The painting activity, which is a significant activity for the development of children's hand and eye coordination, can be carried out in many different areas and on various surfaces. You can introduce your business with T-shirts that will attract the attention of children and have ready-to-paint patterns, especially for use in a painting activity, and you can have a pleasant time for the children. This event, which will attract the attention of families, will also provide positive feedback for your business.


Wholesale Paintable Shirt for Kids  


During the implementation of the T-shirt painting activity, children both have fun and learn the patterns they apply. Check out our t-shirt coloring kits for a creative and educational classroom activity.


Paintable products, which gain a different value in everyone's hands, contribute to the development of hand skills. The products, which are preferred by parents who want to spend pleasant and quality time with their children, gain spiritual value after they are completed. Outside of the standard activities and gifts, paintable t-shirts make kids feel good.


Coloring work with felt-tip pens can be erased and repainted after washing. For permanent coloring, it is necessary to use a textile pen or fabric dye. Products prepared from fabric suitable for painting are prepared for cargo on the same day after online ordering. The services offered with the slogan "Buy in bulk, earn more" are budget-friendly.


As Pamusan, we offer environmentally friendly bags and t-shirts designs with the most affordable price options for individuals. Affordable bag prices will allow people to choose the one that suits them best. All of our cloth bags are produced to appeal to every budget.


T-Shirt Dyeing Products

With fabric dyes, watercolors, and sharpies; you can draw any design you want on t-shirts. You can make your activities fun with finger paints. We have two different types of markers: washable and permanent. Our products that are manufactured as suitable for children usage, do not contain any carcinogenic substances.

Fabric Dyes on Pamusan

Suitable for different usages, fabric and textile dyes are on Pamusan. You can review our products and purchase them online.

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