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Canvas Small Vip Backpack

With our vip backpack, one of our canvas backpack models, you will have a bag that you can use conveniently in your daily life. You can contribute to the environmental awareness with small backpacks that you can purchase, whether customized or unprinted. They are made of 100% cotton and canvas fabrics; these bags also have one zipper pocket inside. They are simple and stylish, whether you use customized or plain ones. Those who want to make their bags more special can dye them with fabric dyes. Fabric dyes can be found under the dyeing products section of our website. You can find detailed information on dyeable products. These bags, which will be your essential; are light, eco-friendly, and washable. You can hand-wash them at 20 degrees or at the lowest degree in washing machine. 5% shrinking after washing is normal. In order to pretend more than 5% shrinking, you can flatten them by ironing when they're still damp, as you do with all cotton products. To have this product, which is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, you just need to add it to your cart from our website and complete the payment. You can make an order through our website to get the bags you like right away. Your products are delivered to your home within 2-4 work days. 

Small School Backpack Models

With colorful handle options, you can utilize these products in any way you want. You can also use these products, which you can offer as a small promotion or as a gift, in your dyeing activities. There is one zipper pocket inside the products. You can go anywhere with this summer essentials. Use eco-friendly products, protect your environment. You can contact our customer representatives to ask any question you have or to get information. Our customer representatives will help you to find the best bag by offering you the most suitable products and printing methods. You can print on the products with silk-screen printing, heat paper transfer, and direct to garment methods, or you can purchase them unprinted. Choose the bag that meets your needs and complete your order through our website. The review of your orders and the preparation process begin on the same day. We have more than 100 products in stock. If there is no problem, your order is quickly manufactured and delivered to you within 2 days. We would be happy to see you among our pleased customers. You can make your order at once.

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