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Repp & Gabardine Bags There are some differences between repp and gabardine. Repp fabric is more porous and harder whereas gabardine is softer. They both display the printings beautifully. Gabardine is more preferred due to its texture.  As Pamusan, we manufacture our own gabardine bags and thanks to our printing machines, we are able to offer you a quality service with the fairest prices. Considering the harm that many products cause to the environment and to humanity itself today, dangerous chemicals are avoided at every stage of our manufacturing and instead, completely natural methods are being used. Unprinted Repp and Gabardine Bags Them being simple and toteable is a big advantage for you. From sports to school, you can use it in various fields for many years without any deformations. You can easily add customized and unprinted canvas tote bags to your cart and make your order with cash on delivery option. You can use our website for your customized and unprinted orders. On your online orders, we offer home delivery. You can choose cash on delivery option for your unprinted orders. For customized orders, payments are received with the order. You can make orders through the system. Our customer representatives will inform you through the entire process. Customized Repp and Gabardine Bags They are suitable for all kinds of letterpress, printing logos and pictures. By buying in large quantities, you can profit from a discount and advertise your brand in the most beautiful way with customized logos or images. If you are going to market a new product or if you want to sell your existing product more, you will need advertising. Our cloth bags are one of the most important and economical advertising tools. Cloth bags are now emerging as a requirement in our developing society. Choose one among our recyclable cloth bags to help environmental awareness. Our natural and recyclable products are made of 100% cotton. We manufacture cloth bags in the desired color and size. Customized sizes have a minimum quantity limit. Visit our website for detailed information about our products. To get help, contact us on +90 212 643 21 00. Our customer representatives can recommend products that are suitable for you, or they can help you with the price of your repp and gabardine bag orders in different sizes. 

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