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Dyeing Sets

With the Children Dyeing Set, you can purchase products as much as classroom size and do dyeing activities with your whole class. You can help the development of children's motor skills with these products that you will purchase alongside fabric markers. Our dyeing sets are divided into 2: washable dyes and permanent dyes. We offer finger paints and sharpies as washable dyes, giotto and fabric dyes as permanent dyes. In order to make permanent dyes to stay, there is one more thing that you need to do. After the dyeing process is completed, you should iron the reverse side of the fabric. Then your dye will become permanent. Don't forget, only our giotto markers and fabric dyes are permanent. Other dyes come out when washed. You can use these products again and again, as we say: use, wash, use. Dyeing activities are quite fun for children and they are affordable activities that will help them to develop their skills. We recommend you to take a look at our ready-made sets.

Fabric Markers

You can easily color greige cloths with fabric markers and continue your fun activities with finger paints. You can take a look at Fabric Markers online. Dyeable products are completely natural and made of 100% greige cloth. It is a nice recipe for a fun school activity. With the Children Dyeing Set, there will both be fun and development for children. With the Children Dyeing Set models, you can prepare activities for preschool and primary school students. We have many patterns on our website. You can choose your preferred one among different patterns made for various age groups. Our hardworking graphics department constantly adds new patterns. if you are thinking of doing activities with children for Mother’s Day, take a look at the dyeable cloth bags specially made for Mother’s Day. By designing special bags for special occasions, we provide you an opportunity to have various activities. We would appreciate it if you could share with us how your dyeing activities went. For your special requests, contact us at [email protected] or through our social media accounts. We would be more than glad to hear your questions and suggestions.

Preschool and primary school activities

Along with the Children Dyeing Set, we put patterned bags and T-shirts on sale for you. We hope you can both have fun and teach with ready-made sets that you can use in your activities. These products, which can be used by children or adults, vary by age and difficulty. You can prepare activities by choosing the most suitable set for you and your classroom. There's no need to search for activities for kindergarten:) There's Children Dyeing Set!

Cloth Bag Dyeing Activities with Family

The patterned or blank cloth bags are the preferred products of families and groups who want to make an activity, and to daydream with children. With two different marker options, you can make dyeing activities with washable sharpies or with permanent fabric marker.

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