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Dyeable Cloth Bags

With dyeable bags and fabric dyes, our unprinted greige cloth bags appeal to a wide range of usage areas. Dyeable bags and fabric dyes can be used in activities for children, especially in primary schools, preschools, and kindergartens. Thanks to these products that are made to help the development of children's motor skills, they can color cloth bags with using their creativity. We offer both permanent and non-permanent dyes. If you have any questions or requests, you can get help by contacting our sales representatives. Our dyeable products with different patterns, are available to a varied age group. You can choose the appropriate models from our website and purchase them online. For shipping, the telephone number you put into the system will be informed. New products are constantly added to our website. You can follow us on our social media accounts or subscribe to our e-newsletter to be informed about the dyeable bags and dyeing products. We continue to work hard with our expert staff to give you a better service. Spice your life with dyeable bags and fabric dyes.

Patterned Dyeable Bags

By using these patterns, children can beautify their bags with their preferred colors. If you are looking to do these activities with a huge group, you can take a look at custom dyeing sets. Dyeable products are completely natural and made of 100% greige cloth. It is a nice recipe for a fun school activity. Now it is easier to spend educational and fun time with dyeable bags and fabric dyes. The products that children will dye with joy and eagerness are listed under this category. In this category, you can find permanent and washable fabric markers. You can also take a look at our special sets for you. With these sets, you can have a fun time with children. We recommend you to review our sets that are prepared with consideration to children's health and their development. Thanks to our frequently added new patterns, you can prepare many activities. Follow us on our social media accounts to be informed about our new products.

Fabric Dyes

These dyes, which are organically made from plants, are designed for textile and suchlike products. You can apply any design or letter to 100% cotton cloth bags with these fabric dyes. You can review the dyeing products by going to the fabric dye and fabric marker category. In order to make the dye permanent, you need to iron the reserve side of the fabric after the dye has dried. 

A Color Party on Patterned Bags

Using these special bags will be so fun since the children will be able to dye them in any way they want. Special bag models with strings, cords or shoulder straps are on sale with different patterns on our website. You can see all the patterns by examining our other categories for bags, you can even gift them to yourself or your loved ones.

Great Deals for Dyeable Bags

You can immediately order custom bag motifs and fabric dyes. On this website you can find a variety of dyeable pencil cases and bags. For children, dyeing their loved characters by themselves becomes possible with our products. You can purchase your orders with very tempting prices; we also offer cash on delivery and fast shipping. Drawings made with sharpies, fabric markers, or fabric dyes, that do not leak or fade, are admired by everyone.

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