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With the restriction imposed on the use of plastic bags, the importance of cloth bags has increased. Cloth bags, which were popular in the 80s and 90s, are started to be used again today. Cloth bags that are produced with nature in mind, have different models and meet the needs of the consumer. Quality, durable, and advantageous sets are quite economical. Sets containing different sizes of cloth bags are designed for being used in grocery, bazaar, market shopping, and while visiting a shopping mall. They can carry different weights depending on their size. They get great attention from people because of their ease of use and strap size.

Sets and models

Cloth sets consist of pieces with different sizes. Sets with 5 or 8 pieces are made with special designs with zipper, zipper-free, strap or strapless.

Sets and models that will help you carry the materials you buy are as follows.

  • Black Cloth Set
  • Colorful Handle Canvas Set
  • Greige Cloth Set
  • Hobby SET (With a free yellow canvas clutch bag)
  • Foldable Shopping Bag - Black
  • Foldable Shopping Bag - Practical

You can customize any set that you would like to purchase for yourself, or gift to your loved ones. Bags are made of fabrics that are suitable for handworks, punch embroidery and other textile designs.

Features of Sets

The sets are produced from first-class quality fabrics and exactly the same as the visuals. The greige fabrics are 100% cotton. Canvas models use durable and thick natural canvas. Zipper, handle, and accessories are also selected from quality materials. Made with a skillful craftsmanship, the cloth bags come in different sizes. The sets include products with different handle lengths. In standard sets, the average handle length is 70 cm. When purchased in larger quantities, the customer can change the size of the product.

Easy to Clean

Cloth bags are quite easy to clean. Its biggest feature is not holding dirt. Liquids do not get adsorbed by the fabric. It can be easily handwashed by using warm and soapy water. It is recommended to dry the fabric under shade and not putting it directly under sun. With this, the quality of the first day will be maintained for a long time. The colors of the printed models do not fade. If the dyeable cloth bags are used with care, they will be among the products that you will not separate from your side for many years.

Prices of Sets

Sets are offered at the fairest prices in the industry. Good quality and durable cloth bags can be used for years. Each set consists of useful pieces. The sets start at an average of 45 Turkish liras and can go up to 115 Turkish liras. Products can also be made in different sizes and measurements depending on the customers' preferences. That's why the price range varies. Advantageous prices are given on large quantities. Customers also have given great reviews for customized gifts.

Fast Shipping

Both domestic or international shipping can be made with fast shipping option. For domestic deliveries, the shipping time is three workdays. Shipping fee in domestic shipping is 9,9 ₺. Payment is made at the door, via EFT, or via money order. When receiving the product from the courier, you should check the package to see if there is any tears, crush, or wetness. It should also be checked whether the products in the package are the same as the products in the invoice. If they are not the same, you should not take the package and send it back to the company with a report. This way, the exchange or return of the product will be faster.

Set Return and Exchange

Returns and exchanges are carried out smoothly in order to offer the customers a reliable service. It will be enough to send the product you want to exchange to the company with the exchange form within a week, whether the reason. You can also return the products unconditionally and get all your money back. You need to ship the set you wish to return in a unused condition and without any missing materials. The invoice or receipt must also be returned. Customers who complete the return form and send the product in full are refunded all their money. There are no refunds for missing, used or damaged products.

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