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Customized Jute Pouches

We print your desired designs on 5 different sizes of jute pouches made of jute fabric. To order these pouches that you can use as package, henna pouch, bridal pouch, lavender sachet, and food pouch in an instant, you can make an online order. Jute pouches have stylish and decorative appearance with their organic and natural structure. We can customize these multi-purpose pouches as you like. By purchasing jute pouches with logo prints, you can put your products into logo printed pouches.

Sacks with Heat Paper Transfer - Printing Information

Heat paper transfer is made on multicolored orders. Even though the paper trail is faintly obvious on jute fabric with this printing method, this is the only solution for multicolored printings. The paper trail is faintly obvious. It does not cause a problem for the product's visuals. You can see the design with or without trails. The printing can be made trailless in single color orders for 100. For single color or multicolored orders under 100, the trail marks can be seen. Due to printing techniques, it is natural to have this wax trail in multicolored printings. You can see how this trail will look like on the first sample that we will send to you. The printing on the jute fabric is a stylish printing that doesn't disturb the design. Trailless printing can only be made for orders of 100 or more. Since it is done with screen printing, this is suitable for single color products.

Where to buy jute pouches?

Jute pouches can be bought from our store in İstoç and can be purchased online from pamusan.com. If your orders are unprinted, they will be shipped on the same day. Your customized orders are shipped within 2-3 days. For your customized orders, the first sample and digital print layout will be sent to you after your order.

Jute Lavender Sachets

Even though they are mostly used for storing lavender and other fragrant flowers, jute pouches are also be used for events such as weddings and engagement parties. You can choose where to use them depending on your imagination and needs. Currently they are frequently used for displaying and garnering organic products. You can get detailed information by contacting our customer representatives. Contact us on +90 212 643 21 00 or at [email protected].

Unprinted jute pouches can be found on the link below.



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