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Customized Cloth Bag Models In our digital printing department, you can review the products we can print your desired designs on and their prices. After ordering your preferred bag with customization, all you need to do is to send your design to us. Our sales representatives will send you the layout and the first sample. After sending you the sample we will request an approval. Sample image will be sent to your phone or email. If you give your approval, they will be added to the printing line and be printed. After the printing is done, the shipped products’ tracking number will be provided to you. If you encounter any problems during this process, you can let us know by contacting us on +90 212 643 21 00 or by contacting our sales representative. Getting customized bags is so easy with Pamusan. Customized bag orders are taken by customized bag manufacturer Pamusan. You can contact us for customized bags in low quantities. All you need to do is to send [email protected] the design you wish to print on. Customized Tote Bags With our printing center, you can customize your cloth bags that helps you while shopping. You can complete your order with credit card and money order payment options. These promotional products are almost like billboards. What are Customized Bags? Customized bags are produced by transferring your desired design onto the bag. They are printed onto the bag and delivered you, whether the design is a photo you cherished or a symbol you like. This way, you can get your hands on the bags that you've never seen, or you can never see. With printing center, you can put your own corporate logos on cloth bags, pouches, or on or varied models. You can also customize pencil cases and clutch bags. We can customize our more than 100 models with the designs and images you want plus ship them to you. Customization is made for both colored and colorless bags. We apply all printing methods with wide machine park. The color and size of the bag, and printing style vary depending on the design you send. Customization of your bags are made with the most ideal technique or with the printing style you have chosen. Everything is possible here; you imagine, we make it real. By reviewing the printing center section, you can get information about the products and their prices. You can also speed up the process by ordering online. Eco-friendly products are just a click away. You can make a purchase right away from the printing center section.
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