Custom Beach and Shopping bag

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  1. Black Canvas Beach Bag - 'Hello Summer' Printed
    Black Canvas Beach Bag - 'Hello Summer' Printed
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  2. Canvas Beach Bag - Green 'Hello Summer' Printed
    Canvas Beach Bag - Green 'Hello Summer' Printed
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  3. Canvas Beach Bag - Black 'Hello Summer' Printed
    Canvas Beach Bag - Black 'Hello Summer' Printed
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  4. Canvas Beach Bag - Blue 'Hello Summer' Printed
    Canvas Beach Bag - Blue 'Hello Summer' Printed
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  5. Red Canvas Beach Bag - 'Hello Summer' Printed
    Red Canvas Beach Bag - 'Hello Summer' Printed
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Customized Tote Bags

Recently, people have started to use cloth tote bags instead of plastic bags while shopping. These bag models are customized to make it look more stylish. For customized cloth tote bags, you can review the categories on the website. Cloth bags have different sizes and different fabric features. As individual requests can be made, private organizations, stores, markets can also make wholesale orders. These bags can be used as multi-purpose. Because they are made of cloth, you can easily carry them with you by folding when going to shopping.

Bag Types

Cloth bags vary according to their intended usages. By reviewing categories created for bag models, you can make your choices easier. While customized tote bags are mostly produced with flower patterns, some organizations order them as promotional products and want to print the information such as brand, or logo on them. Cloth tote bag types are these.

  • Greige cloth bag,
  • Gabardine cloth bag,
  • Canvas cloth bag,

Among the products, there are also varieties of ready-made customized cloth bags. These are used for events such as shopping or going to beach. Customization on demand can be made on all types of bags.

Beach Bags

People need large bags to put their items inside while going to beach at vacations. Being light and beautiful is important for these bags. Customized beach bags can also be used as tote bags in daily life. Beach bags made of greige cloth weight 140 gr, the ones made of gabardine fabric weight 220 gr. Ready-made customizations on the bag are made in different designs with colors suitable for summer.

Businesses order various products as promotions. The most important of these products is cloth bags. They give their customers various gift products by putting them in these cloth bags. Promotional cloth bags category has also diversified products according to cloth types. All varieties in this section are customized.

Customization types are divided into ready-made customizations and customizations made on customer demands. Promotional cloth bags are mainly made by customizations on customer demands. People also sometimes use large promotional bags as tote bags.

Customized Products

Customized bags are getting more attention compared to other bag types The various customizations on bags make the bags look more flashy. One of the types among the customized products is the customized tote bags. People can also choose from customized products for different usages if they want.

Tote bags are larger than other types, and the cloth texture makes them more durable. Other varieties such as clutch bags, pencil cases, backpacks have different sizes and printing methods used on them are also different.

Bag Design

Those who want to use tote bags, beach bags or different bag types can plan the design they wish to have on the bag. After selecting the cloth bag model, they can create a visual of customized bag by applying information such as patterns or letters online.

Then they can order the design they created and the bag they customized will be delivered to them in the quantity they specified. While selecting the bag; its size, inner pocket, handle shape can be specially chosen. Different options and printing methods can be preferred for tote bags.