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Mother's Day Gift; Dyeable Cloth Bags

Mother’s Day is near! Those who want to purchase a gift online and give their mother a dyeable handicraft gift can choose it at once. With multipurpose Mother's Day dyeable cloth bag gift models, you can show your creativity and prepare a gift for your mother to use with pleasure.

Features of Dyeable Cloth Bags

Strappy or stringed dyeable cloth bags have different customization options. Bags, preferred by individuals as well as being among corporate gifting options, stand out with their ease of use.

With customizable designs, you can print these on the bags:

  • Desired designs,
  • Corporate logos,
  • Catch-lines,
  • or contact information.

A modern design that all mothers will love, becomes a gift with sentimental value while being colored in the hands of children. You can pay less by ordering a large number of bags under our catch line: " Buy Wholesale, Earn More".

Mother's Day Special

100% cotton strappy and drawstring bag models have standard handle length. In strappy models the handle is made of the same fabric used for bag, while in drawstring bags it is string. Double-side customized bag models are delivered all over Turkey with online shopping easiness. Along with safe shopping and fair prices, same day shipping service has the cash on delivery alternative.

Drawstring Bag Dyeing Sets

Bags with customized fronts and backs are also offered for sale as a set with fabric markers. Sets with 25 bags in each package make the most ideal activity material, especially for schools. Cloth bags made of 100% cotton and natural fabrics, find different meanings on the hands of each child.

At the end of the cloth bag dyeing event, which is both a fun and educational activity, children who gift their bags to their mothers, discover the meaning of production. Don't forget to add the fabric markers to the cart when ordering 35x40cm drawstring bags.

Products Related to Dyeing Sets

Fabric marker orders make life easier for customers who order dyeable products to show their creativity. Gifts can be prepared with joy thanks to fabric markers added to the same cart. The difference created by working together can be seen in the works made as a mother & child activity.

Bags that can be dyed with fabric markers and sharpies, make it easy for dream designs to become reality. Water-based markers can be used on all kinds of fabrics and dry easily. Those who want to make the dye permanent can go over the design with hot iron after finishing dyeing.


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