Cotton Tote Bag

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  1. Cotton tote bag  - blank
    Cotton Tote Bag - Long Handle - 30x35cm - 5oz
    Special Price $1.80 Regular Price $2.95 As low as $1.25
  2.  Sublimation Suitable Tote Bag 35x40
    Sublimation Suitable Tote Bag 13'' cm
    In stock
  3. Canvas Saddlebag
    Canvas Saddlebag 13''
    In stock
  4. Foldable Shopping Bag - With Hand Bag
    Foldable Shopping Bag- 18''
    In stock
  5. Ham Bez Alışveriş Seti
    Cotton Tote Bag Shopping Set
    In stock
  6. Shopping - Grocery Bag 48x41x10cm
    Raw Fabric Shopping & Grocery Bag 18''
    In stock
  7. Canvas Tote Bag Inside Pocket 13''
    Canvas Tote Bag Inside Pocket 13''
    In stock

Items 1-24 of 42

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Cotton Tote Bag        

 The most significant advantage of using cotton tote bags is that it is environmentally friendly. Since these bags are made of cotton, they do not harm living things, soil, water, and air, thanks to their short-term extinction feature in nature. They are also suitable for carrying food, as they do not contain any harmful substances.

Pamusan, which produces the best quality products in Turkey, is to satisfy its customers with canvas tote bags in different colors and models. Even though the new regulation reduces environmental pollution by paying about 0.25 TL for bags, people continue to use plastic bags. This situation increases environmental pollution and harms the world. Cotton tote bags should be preferred instead of plastic bags.

Cotton Tote Bag Models       

 The cotton tote bags we produce are produced from 100% cotton. These bags, which are ecological and environmentally friendly, are produced without harming nature. Our cotton cloth bag models are as follows:

  • Canvas tote bags
  • Colorful handle tote bags
  • rips tote bags
  • Gabardine tote bags
  • Gates tote bags
  • Beach tote bags
  • Market bags
  • Paintable tote bags

You can also bring your unique designs to users by printing your design patterns on unprinted bags. You can even prepare your collection with various bag designs by decorating the bags with different prints. 

Unprinted Tote Bag Prices 

We produce our printed tote bags at high quality and reasonable prices. We offer reasonable and cheap prices according to our cotton cloth bag models. In addition, thanks to our wholesale sales, you can buy our products at even more affordable prices.

It is more advantageous to buy wholesale tote bags. All of our tote bags are created from 100% cotton fabrics. You can also shop on our site using the credit card and payment at the door options. You can order 20 pieces or 20.000 pieces. If you are going to purchase a company, do not forget to enter your billing information at the stage of purchase. Since the products are in stock, your orders will be produced within a business day. For more detailed information about the prices of the products, you can contact us.

As Pamusan, we offer environmentally friendly bag designs with the most affordable price options for individuals. Affordable bag prices will allow people to choose the one that suits them best. All of our cloth bags are produced to appeal to every budget.

Greige Cloth Bag Models

100% eco-friendly greige cloth bags made of cotton. We're meeting with your increased demands of cloth tote bags after the restriction to the plastic bag usage. You can print your own logo, promotion, or design on cloth tote bags. You can review our more than 100 models and order the most suitable one for you through our website. 

Unprinted Greige Cloth Bag Prices

You can order greige cloth bag models online, whether customized or unprinted. Whether wholesale or retail, we provide unprinted cloth bags in any quantity. You can review and order unprinted cloth bag models through our website. Prices and features of all models are available on our website. We deliver the desired products in a short time after you add the products to your cart and complete your order. Day by day we add more unprinted cloth bag models. You can find many products for your needs on our website thanks to our staff that are constantly working to come up with new ideas. We have more than 60 models that you can order, whether customized or unprinted. You can get your hands on our eco-friendly, 100% cotton, and recyclable products right away. For any questions and orders, contact our customer representatives. 

Through our website, you can review many models of our company that produces greige cloth bags, and easily make an order. You can follow us on our social media accounts at the bottom of the page to be informed about our new products. 

To flatten your cloth bags, you must hand wash them at 20 degrees and iron them when they are damp. 5% shrinking in size is normal for 100% cotton products. When washing cotton products, you should pay attention to the temperature. For detailed information, contact our customer representative. 

Cloth bags that are used in many areas, have begun preferred more after the plastic bags started to be bought with money. You can also contribute to the environmental awareness with cloth tote bags that everyone should have with them. You can use these 100% natural and recyclable products in all areas of life.

These washable cloth bags that help the decrease in plastic bag usage, will be essential for your life. You can choose the models according to your preference and make an online order. Our company, which produces more than 15 million bags, offers shipping to many countries, Turkey being one of them.