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  1. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Lacivert (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack Dark Blue (Customize)
    In stock
  2. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Siyah (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45-Black (Customize)
    In stock
  3. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Beyaz (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45- White (Customize)
    In stock
  4. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Büzgülü Sırt Çantası - Lacivert
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack - Dark Blue
    In stock
  5. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Büzgülü Sırt Çantası - Siyah
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack - Black
    In stock
  6. İmperteks 32x45 Kuş Gözlü Büzgülü Sırt Çantası - Beyaz
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack - White
    In stock
  7. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Saks Mavi (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack - Sax Blue (Customize)
    In stock
  8. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Saks Mavi
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack - Saxe
    In stock
  9. Sarı İmperteks Büzgülü Sırt Çantası (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - Yellow (Customize)
    In stock
  10. İmperteks 30x40 Yeşil Kuş Gözlü Büzgülü Sırt Çantası (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - Green (Customize)
    In stock
  11. İmperteks 30x40 Kuş Gözlü Mavi Büzgülü Sırt Çantası (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - Blue (Customize)
    In stock
  12. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Siyah (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - Black (Customize)
    In stock
  13. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Beyaz (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - White (Customize)
    In stock
  14. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Kırmızı (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 - Red (Customize)
    In stock
  15. İmperteks Sırt Çantası 32x45 cm Lacivert (Özelleştirilebilir)
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 32x45 cm - Dark Blue (Customize)
    In stock
  16. Cotton Drawstring Bag / Backpack  - Black 35x40cm
    Cotton Drawstring Backpack Black 13''
    In stock
  17. Yeşil İmperteks
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 30x40 cm Green
    In stock
  18. Sarı İmperteks
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack -30x40cm Yellow
    In stock
  19. Kırmızı İmperteks
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack 30x40cm - Red
    In stock
  20. Mavi Renk İmperteks
    İmpertex Drawstring Backpack- Saxe
    In stock
  21. Siyah İmperteks Çanta
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack-Black
    In stock
  22. Kırmızı İmperteks Sırt Çantası
    Impertex Drawstring Backpack -Red
    In stock
  23. Gabardine Drawstring Backpack 40x50 cm (Large Size)
    Gabardine Drawstring Fabric Backpack 40x50 cm (Large Size)
    In stock
  24. Gabardine Drawstring Backpack 35x40 cm
    Gabardine Drawstring Fabric Backpack 35x40cm (Small Size)
    In stock

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Cloth Backpack Models

Among the fondness of women and young ladies, there’s a place for their essential accessories. Especially bags have a separate place among all the essentials. As well as being able to naturally complete the women's outfit, they are also unique assistants since there are a great number of items and accessories that women constantly need. They will need to carry these accessories with them and be able to find them instantly when in need.

Although bags are made according to different tastes and preferences, women mostly care about their appearances. Our backpack models we offer on our platform, properly present majestic visuals as well as showing off their elegance with custom designs. Models that appeal to all tastes with their durable structures and different styles also reveal a sporty style with their special form.

Advantages of Backpack Usage

Our platform offers custom backpacks made of the highest quality fabrics:

  • Gabardine,
  • Canvas,
  • Impertex.

Backpacks made of these fabrics produce high quality and easy to use bag models. You can choose backpacks according to your preference, usage style, and their details from our backpacks category. With the help of a backpack, you can use a bag that doesn't restrict your movements. This bag can look both elegant and stylish while making you able to carry all the items you need with you. Even if your bag is too heavy, you can carry it on your back without any difficulty.

Backpack Models

The models that children used in schools and were comfortable with before, backpacks, are now used by people from all age groups.

Backpacks, which also used by men, are designed with different features regarding to their color, durability, shape, and usages.

  • Drawstring top,
  • Top handle,
  • Adjustable back strap,
  • Inner pockets,
  • In different colors,
  • Zipped

You can review our platform for a great number of backpack models. You can also choose the plain models from our backpacks, each of which is beautiful and flashy from the other. You can even dye your bag according to your taste.

Stylish Choices for Backpacks

We offer the latest creation in backpacks that complements every outfit. Our two-colored designs and drawstring models provide a sportier appearance. Being easy to carry and use, and having a high durability make backpacks more preferred. Each of the backpacks on our platform is manufactured elaborately. Our models that appeal to every preference will also adapt to every outfit. You can review the models on our platform, buy wholesale backpacks with fair prices.

What Should be Considered When Buying a Backpack?

The biggest advantage of backpacks is that they do not cause any low back pain nor restrict the person's movements. They make it easy to examine the products you want with both hands when you go shopping. These models that create great convenience when carrying items around, also create a stylish and sporty look.

  • They're impertex; their water-proof structure provides a comfortable usage when it's rainy.
  • The thickness of the bags, especially the ones made of canvas fabric, makes the bags look full,
  • Durable stitches provide long-lasting usage,
  • Being washable eliminates problems such as dirtiness,
  • Being able to iron the bags also ensures that the bag will always be clean. The custom backpacks from our portfolio appeal to everyone who is looking for a different image and style.

Personalized Backpacks

Different and personalized backpacks create models that you can reflect your own tastes and preferences. You can add your own motifs and patterns to our bag models made of gabardine and canvas fabrics. With fabric dyeing techniques, you can draw any shape you want on your bag and have your own custom bags.

You can choose the most flashy and practical backpack models that you can use show creativity with, from our platform, and purchase them with fair prices. We're taking orders, also there are special prices for wholesale purchases. You can order them in an instant by reviewing our platform for backpacks that ensures elegance in style and creation.

Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Buy our wholesale range of drawstring bags, drawstring backpacks for individual or promotional use!

Our drawstring bags are made of impertex and gabardine fabric.

Whether you need something for individual use, a custom backpack for a special event, or drawstring bags in bulk for a promotion, we can meet your demand.

Impertex printed bag is available on our website in white, black, yellow, green, red and blue colors. You can order your drawstring backpack in any color you want. Impertex bags are at pamusan.com at the best prices for your promotions, fairs and events. The price is given for a maximum print size of A4. Prices may vary according to the special conditions in the image. Send your print image and we will print it.

Drawstring Bags Wholesale Quantity 

You can order our products between 20 and 20,000 units.

Our Impertex products are waterproof. It has eyelet detail.

It is made of 270 denier impertex fabric.

Our gabardine products are made of 100% cotton. 245 gr. gabardine fabric was used.

You can place your order via Pamusan with fast delivery to the whole world.

We offer you the best price guarantee.

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