Colored String Pouch Bag

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Colored String Pouch Bag

Pamusan Natural offers you the colorful drawstring pouch bag! Get organized and show your elegance with colorful drawstring bags that you can use in many events or individually!

Cloth pouches differ regarding their function. You can also order them with colored strings for them to have more vibrant and unique appearance. For example, you can choose red string for engagement parties, blue string for boys’ baby showers, fuchsia string for girls’ baby showers. If you wish, you can order these pouches as custom-made.

What is the colored string Pouch Bag made of?

Made of 100% Cotton

Raw fabric was used in the making of this product.

You can order online without printing. Please contact us for the printed price.

Colored String Pouch Bag Sizes

Color of string bags; It has many colors such as red, turquoise, black, mustard. Different sizes are also available for children. They have 4 different sizes in total. The smallest size pouch is 10x13 cm. While the other one measures 15.5x20 cm, the medium size pouch measures 20x30 cm. And the model with the largest dimensions is 30x40 cm. The largest size bag is similar to the imperteks backpack.

Colored String Pouch Bag Wholesale Order

Here is the colorful cloth bag. The bag talks about this final product look. In addition to the products, various models are also designed with high quality. This also applies to colored ham bags.

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