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Cloth Pouches

We have pouches with various sizes that you can order, whether customized or unprinted. We can customize these pouches that you can use for areas such as organizations, gifts, henna nights, bridals with your desired designs and letters. You can order them from our website. You can also contact us at [email protected]

Greige cloth pouches

The products of our company, that manufactures natural organic cloth pouches, are 100% cotton and are manufactured with domestic production. They do not contain harmful substances. They are stylish and practical with their texture and quality. These products are available in stock with varied size options. If you send us your desired design, our sales representatives will prepare a layout for you and send you the necessary information from the printing to the shipping. You will be aware of all processes and have a right to approve or decline the designs. All you need to do is to make your order :D

Customized Cloth Pouches

With customizable cloth pouches, you will enjoy natural and 100% cotton organic pouches on your special days. These pouches are used in various ways, such as invitations, organizations, and henna nights. Who doesn't need a pouch? They are the most ideal product for storing or preserving. We make desired customizations on these pouches that will enchant you with their cotton texture. You imagine, we make it real. All you need to do is to send us your designs after completing the order. the customer representative assigned to you will inform you about every process.

Cloth Pouch Prices

Cloth pouch prices vary depending on the quantity and size. You can order any pouch, whether customized or unprinted. You can make your orders after reviewing the prices of customized and unprinted ones on our website. We accept cash on delivery for customized products but unfortunately the same thing is not possible with unprinted pouches. We need your approval for customized products. If you approve the first sample sent to your mobile phone or email address, we will start working on them. When your products are shipped, you will receive a tracking code. You can also review our ready-made designs for your needs such as lavender sachets or henna pouches. After selecting the desired design and filling in the date section following name1 and name2, you will get your ready-made pouches. You can make a difference in your events and gifts with our custom made printings You can contribute to environmental awareness with 100% cotton and recyclable, eco-friendly, organic cloth bags.


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