Dyeable T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Butterfly Printed

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Dyeing t-shirts are among the products that can be used for many years. By contributing to the imagination, it will enable more creative young people to emerge in the future. It can be used not only for children but for spending time with adults. Children T-shirts with Butterfly Pattern and packaged with its pencil is the center of attention for everyone who wants to give children the chance to create a work of art.

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Dyeing T-shirt & Felt-tip Pen - Butterfly Printed


Product Details:

1st class openent fabric

100% Cotton

White color


A Quality

Weight: 180 gr / m



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Temporary Felt-tip Pen:

Brand: Colorland

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown




It is safe and odorless, does not contain ammonia.

It can be applied on any type of fabric and dries easily.

Dyeing Kids T-shirts

You can have joyful times in your activities with ready-made patterned children's painting t-shirts suitable for painting. We have many product options for painting applications, which is one of the activities that will increase the motor skills of children. You can use our sets made of dyes that are washed out at your events. Our products, which contribute to the personal development of children with painting activities that increase children's motor skills, contain many models and patterns. You can check our website to examine all patterns and create an orde


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