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  1. Tela Çanta  - Spaist - Nonwowen Promosyon Çanta
    Nonwowen Promotion Bag -Spaist
  2. Nonwowen Bag- CMYK Offset Print
    Nonwowen Bag- CMYK Offset Print
  3. Tela Çanta  - Kırmızı Biyeli Promosyon Çanta
    Nonwowen Bag - Red Binding Promotion Bag
  4. Nonwowen Advertizing Bag
    Nonwowen Advertizing Bag
  5. Tela Çanta - Tam Zemin Baskılı
    Nonwowen Full Print (All Bag Size)
  6. Interlining Bag
    Interlining Bag
  7. Nonwowen Bag -Blue
    Nonwowen Bag -Blue
  8. Tela Çanta - Kurumsal Tanıtım
    Nonwowen Bag - Corporate Promotion
  9. Non-Woven Bag - Large
    Nonwowen Bag- Big Size
  10. Gabardine Printed Shopping Bag - Dark Blue
    Gabardine Printed Shopping Bag - Dark Blue
  11. White Nonwowen Shopping Bag
    White Nonwowen Shopping Bag
  12. Nonwoven Green Binding Shopping Bag
    Nonwoven Green Binding Shopping Bag
  13. Nonwoven Bag - Green Shopping Bag
    Nonwoven Bag - Green Shopping Bag
  14. Promotion White Nonwowen Bag - Shopping Bag
    Promotion White Nonwowen Bag - Shopping Bag
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Non-woven Bag Prices

Best prices for non-woven bags are at pamusan.com. To see the bag prices, send the desired size with the design you want to [email protected] and get an instant price offer. The best prices for those who want non-woven bags straight from the manufacturer. Promotional bags that can be produced in any size and color you want. Products from factory to your home with delivery within the shortest time on pamusan.com. You can communicate with our sales representatives by sending a mail or contacting us on +90 212 643 21 00  to learn about the prices. We are proud to offer the best service to you as the biggest cloth bag manufacturer in Turkey. Contact us for sample requests and other questions, our sales representatives will get back to you in no time. Take your company one step further with pamusan.com.

Promotional non-woven bags

Promotional non-woven bags from manufacturer with fair prices for your promotional needs, at pamusan.com. If you want cheap tote bags to satisfy your needs, these bags are just for you. All you have to do is to send your design with desired size and color options, after that our sales representatives will send you a mail asking for your approval and stating the price on the same day. Our team of experts in quality service and production is with you.

Non-woven Bag Manufacturers

Pamusan.com, one of the non-woven manufacturers in Istanbul, serves you in the fastest and most quality way with your desired model and products via its own manufacturing. With many kinds of products in different weights and sizes, you can also use recyclable bags as your non-woven tote bags.

Non-woven Bag Manufacturing

Among the companies engaged in bag manufacturing and cloth bag manufacturing, we are proud to provide you with the best service in quality and deadlines. We hold out our whole experience and quality in the production of non-woven bags with our personal sales representatives for each customer. You can contact us at +90 212 643 21 00  to get a price offer in the fastest way possible.

Customized Non-woven Bags

For customized bag models and prices, you can visit our website or our store in İstoç. You can quickly find out the prices of customized non-woven bags from our sales representatives. With our production capacity and quick deadlines, you can get your products in the fastest way. To get information on any subject, contact us at [email protected] or on +90 212 643 21 00.

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