Red Apple Fabric Dye 6 in One

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Order Fabric Dye 6 in One on pamusan.com! With your wholesale cloth bag orders, you can also order fabric dye and textile pen products you need. It includes; Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and White colors.



Fabric Dye Colors

Brand: Red Apple
Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, White
30CC x 6 pieces.


Fabric Dye Properties

Water and plastic-based fabric dye with bright colors.

Safe and odorless, does not contain ammonia.
Can be applied on any type of fabric and dries easily.


How to use

It is applied on the fabric with a utility knife or spatula.

Using a template works best.

It dries automatically in 3-4 hours. To dry quickly, iron it in reverse or let it air dry for 5 minutes.

It is washable, does not fade, does not spill, and the colors are compatible.




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