Red Apple - Felt-tip Pen 6-Pack

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Red Apple Felt Pen can be used in 6-piece PVC fun fabric and bag dyeing. It comes out of the product when it is washed. 12 marker pen suitable for continuous use. Order now on pamusan.com!


Red Apple - Felt-tip Pen 6-Pack


Product Details:

Brand: Red Apple

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown



Felt-Tip Pen coming out of the cloth when it is washed
Safe and odorless, does not contain ammonia.
It can be applied on all kinds of fabrics and dries easily.

  • Usage:

  • Using a template works best.

  • It dries automatically in 3-4 hours. To dry quickly, iron it in reverse or let it air dry for 5 minutes.

  • It is washable, does not fade, does not spill, and the colors are compatible.

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