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  1. Portföy Çanta Seti - 6 Renk (Astarlı)
    Lined Portfolio Bag Set - 6 Color
    In stock
  2. Renkli Fermuar Kalemlik Set
    Pencil Case Set - Colorful Zippered
    In stock
  3. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Yeşil
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Green Zippered
    In stock
  4. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Saks Mavi
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Sax Blue Zippered
    In stock
  5. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Turkuaz
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Turquoise Zippered
    In stock
  6. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Kırmızı
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Red Zippered
    In stock
  7. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Sarı
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Yellow Zippered
    In stock
  8. Kanvas Astarsız Kalemlik Renkli Fermuar Fuşya
    Unlined Canvas Pencil Case - Fuchsia Zippered
    In stock
  9. Kanvas Clutch 21x15 cm Yeşil Fermuar
    Kanvas Clutch Bag 21x15 cm - Green Zippered
    In stock
  10. Kanvas Clutch 21x15 cm Saks Mavi Fermuar
    Kanvas Clutch Bag 21x15 cm - Sax Blue Zippered
    In stock
  11. Kanvas Clutch 21x15 cm Turkuaz Fermuar
    Kanvas Clutch Bag 21x15 cm - Turquoise Zippered
    In stock
  12. Kanvas Clutch 21x15 cm Sarı Fermuar
    Kanvas Clutch Bag 21x15 cm - Yellow Zippered
    In stock
  13. Önden Fermuarlı Bez Kalemlik
    Fabric Pencil Case 21x10 cm - Front Zippered
    In stock
  14. Clutch Gabardin Çanta Siyah
    Clutch Gabardine Bag 15x13 cm - Black
    In stock
  15. Kırmızı Bez Kalemlik Çanta
    Fabric Pencil Case 21x10 cm Red
    In stock
  16. Bez Kalemlik Çanta Beyaz 21x10 cm
    Fabric Pencil Case White 21x10 cm
    In stock
  17. Bez Kalemlik
    Pencil Tote Bag 21x10 cm
    In stock
  18. Clutch Rips Çanta 15x13 cm
    Clutch Rips Bag 15x13 cm
    In stock
  19. Clutch Astarsız Çanta 25x18 cm
    Clutch Unlined Bag 25x18 cm
    In stock
  20. Clutch Rips Çanta 12x8 cm
    Clutch Rips Bag 12x8 cm
    In stock
  21. Clutch Astarsız Çanta
    Clutch Unlined Bag 21x15 cm
    In stock
  22. 25x18cm Ham Kanvas Clutch
    Clutch Canvas Bag (25x18) Lined
    In stock
  23. 25x18 cm Siyah Kanvas Clutch
    Clutch Canvas Black Bag (25x18) Lined
    In stock
  24. Sarı Kanvas Clutch
    Lined Clutch Canvas Yellow Bag 25x18 cm
    In stock

Items 1-24 of 53

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Makeup Bag - Clutch

Make-up Bags is a bag where you can easily store cosmetics and make-up products. The makeup bags, which you can carry more safely thanks to its inner lining, are made of canvas fabric. You can print your own designs on handbags designed in different fabric colors and sizes. Or you can beautify using handcrafted or punch processing. Also, if you want to print, the makeup bag models at https://istecanta.com/baskili-bez-cantalar/clutch-el-cantasi-lux are for you. If you want to have a make-up bag with affordable prices, you can shop online with istecanta.com assurance.

Fabric Penholder

In your search for fabric pencil cases, istecanta offers you tote items that can be used in many sizes as pencil cases and makeup bags. You can order by choosing the most suitable pencil case size for you.

Tote Penholder

You can paint cloth pen holders as you wish or you can send us the desired design by ordering from our printing center department. Tote pen holders are a natural and useful product in terms of texture and washability.

Printed Fabric Pen Holder

You can send us the printing you want in your printed fabric pen holder orders after you order from the printing center section. Our e-mail address for support is destek@istecanta.com. Our sales representatives and graphic department will help you. For detailed information, you can get information from 0212 643 21 00.


People may need a variety of handbags in their daily lives or on special occasions. Handbags come in different features and designs for men and women. Women try to choose the most suitable bag models to combine their clothes. Bag types are made from different fabric types or leather depending on the purpose of use. The size and color options of handbags can vary depending on the person.

Hand Bag Types

Types of bags have different features to meet all kinds of needs. Bag sizes are determined by the purpose of use. Women can make different choices according to their usage place and time.

Types of bags in the category of bags are as follows;

  • Wallet
  • Portfolio handbag
  • Handbag 25x18
  • Pencil cases
  • Colorful zipper bags

Among the bags used by women, the make-up bag is among the most preferred. Make-up bags make it possible to carry various make-up products easily and keep them with you. It is produced from canvas fabric products and makes it easy to combine with different color options.

Printed Tote Bags

People can choose handbags with different patterns and color options. For the pencil bags, bags produced from special printed totes are preferred. Bags produced in the form of tote pen holders can be painted, so those who order can use the color and pattern options they want. It can be ordered in this way. Those who want their own designs to be printed on the bags can communicate with the printing departments and prepare their own bags in their own style.

Choosing Bags For Special Occasions

When women attend special events, they choose portfolio bag models according to their outfits. Portfolio bags have more stylish designs and are used as a complementary product. It has different color options and makes it easy to choose. The bags in the portfolio category consist of different color options and solid color variations. The large color options make it easier to combine clothes.

Artificial Leather Bags

Handbags that are used daily are made of tote or artificial leather products according to their models and usage purposes. Artificial leather bags are produced in certain sizes and specifications for ease of use. In general, the bag widths are 8 cm, and their lengths are 15 cm. Bags are produced with mouth covers or locked. There is a single eye inside the bags and the inside of them is specially lined. It has long straps to be used from the shoulder. It is more preferred in daily life as there are bags that can be used both on the hand and on the shoulder.


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